Friday, August 10, 2012

Standards for Stuff

My quest to scale down and pare back continues. Below are some questions to consider when looking at one's belongings and prospective purchases.

For items already owned:

Does this fit me? (Whether physically or emotionally, where I am now and who I want to be?)

If it does not physically fit, can it be altered? Is it worth the hassle and/or cost?

Does this have negative memories or emotions associated with it?

Do I love it?

Is it unique or beautiful?

Does seeing it around my house amuse me or otherwise bring me pleasure?

Do I use it regularly?

Does it fill a specific need or do double duty?

Does owning it and maintaining it actively add value to my life?

Am I keeping it for a dream lifestyle that exists only in my head?

If gotten rid of, would it be difficult to reacquire if it was needed after all?

Do I know somebody who would benefit more by being given this item than the use I am currently (or not) getting out of it?

Can I consume the content of the item in such a way that I don’t have to store it? (digital media)

For prospective purchases:

Does this work with what I already have?

Is it a more attractive or durable replacement for something I’ve used a lot?

If I buy it, will I use it frequently enough to justify the cost-per-use?

If this isn’t an emergency and I am unsure whether I’ll enjoy the item long-term, do I know somebody I can borrow it from to try it out first?

Am I feeling less-than in some way and am I shopping to make the feeling go away?

Does the item live up to the high standards of what I already own?

Is the item worth the time I worked for the money and the time it will take to maintain it?

Will purchasing this item slow down my long-term goals?