Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What do I want?

I've been reading a lot about minimalist lifestyles lately. I know, cue the superstitious shudder. But I think there's a lot to glean from the perspectives of those who purposely downsize their lives to free up time, energy, and money. The whole spirit behind minimalism is identifying your core values and aligning your priorities to match. So what are 10 things I want out of life? 1. I want to work fewer hours someday. 2. I want to have more time to hang out with my husband. After all, I do kinda like the guy. 3. I want to spend less time maintaining a house and yard. 4. I want to someday live in a semi-urban, walkable area. The picture I have in my mind's eye is downtown Chattanooga's River District, but I'm not limited to that city by any means. 5. I want to get to know every nook, cranny, restaurant, and attraction of whatever city I live in. 6. I want to reduce my environmental footprint. I'm by no means an obnoxious hippie type, but I do take stewardship of the earth seriously. 7. I want to practice more intentional hospitality - as in, inviting people over as opposed to simply having an open house for our single friends. 8. I want to be able to take off on an adventure at a moment's notice. 9. I want to become well-off so I can meet needs within my church and donate frequently to charity. 10. I want to travel the world with my husband.

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